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NY Workers’ Comp Policy Change

Under this change O&P providers would no longer be allowed to request prior authorization for their patients to workers’ comp; instead, the prior authorization paperwork must be completed by the patient’s prescribing doctor.

Here is the fee schedule with effective date of 4/4/22

Here is a list of people who can submit for Prior Authorization

Expand Access to O&P Care Through New York Medicaid

New York State Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther of District 100 has penned a sign-on letter in support of a
Medicaid Fee Schedule increase for O&P.  
Your voice is needed to encourage New York State Assembly Members to sign the letter in support of improving access to O&P care for Medicaid patients across New York.

Watch our short videos on the history, background, current situation, collaboration partners and action items to support the NY AAOP Patient Access to Care efforts.

Full overview of the NY Medicaid Patient Access to Orthotic & Prosthetic Care (9 mins)
Collaborative efforts and partners
(2min 1 sec)
History & Background on the effort
(1min 21 sec)
Current situation
(1min 37 sec)
What we need to do!
(3 min 2 sec)

New Yorkers and the O&P profession need your help! 

Please take just two minutes and reach out to your state representative. Our focus is to secure additional signatures on a letter in support of NY Medicaid fee schedule reform, which will positively impact access to critical and timely O&P services.

This sign-on letter is championed by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther of District 100 and Ted Drygas of the NY State Chapter of the Academy. The goal is to get over 50 of our state’s 150 Assembly members to sign in support of:

  • Updating the 30+ year old NY Medicaid O&P fee schedule to prevailing Medicare rates.
  • Adding in missing codes to NY Medicaid’s fee schedule.
  • Regulate Medicaid HMO third party benefit management companies to follow NY Medicaid fee schedules.

Maximizing the number of signatures we receive will lead to legislative budget support with the opportunity to update the fee schedule and improve access to care. The time to act is NOW as the budget proposal will be finalized in March and Ms. Gunther recently sent the letter to her Assembly member colleagues. Simply enter your information in the boxes on the left to send a message. (Note that you do not need to know the name of your Assembly member; that information will be filled in automatically. Also, feel free to personalize the letter!)

The more our legislative leaders hear from YOU, the better chance we have for enacting change. The O&P profession and the patients it serves need our advocacy and leadership! Thank you for taking time to complete this outreach and feel free to share with others.

NYSAAOP Chapter supports Patient Access to Care

  • Patient access to care is severely impacted due underpayment for services and reduced provider access.
  • The level of care is also impacted due to a lack of coverage.
  • The CMS “Safe Harbor law” requires that Medicare is the lowest rate. The low Medicaid reimbursement also puts the Medicare reimbursement level at risk, which would devastate the O&P industry.


NYSAAOP Chapter supports Insurance Fairness for People that Require the Use of Prostheses.

The Amputee Coalition has launched campaigns in state legislatures throughout the country to advance parity legislation that would ensure fairness and equity in the insurance benefits of people with limb loss.

    • AR, IA, MD, VA, TX, MO and CT all passed bills in 2009.
    • Unfortunately, the governor vetoed the CT bill.
    • CO, ME, NH, RI, CA, MA, OR, NJ, IN, VT and LA have enacted parity laws.
    • PA, WI, IL, MI, NY, NC, AL, MN, NE, ND, UT, AZ, OH, ID, GA, KS, KY, TN and WA are looking to advance legislation.