NYSAAOP – Alert! P&O Insurance Issues

June 29, 2020

O&P practices throughout New York State need your help so we can all continue our important work of providing orthotic and prosthetic services to our communities. The Academy is working with key people in New York State to positively change the over 33-year-old Medicaid fee schedule.
It’s time to get active, people…we need your help and here are things you can do to assist:
1.     Confidentially share info about non-credentialed professionals providing O&P care Background: We are very concerned with the deeply-discounted Medicaid HMO fee schedules and how Integra Partners has a virtual monopoly on Medicaid HMO contracting.  These discounted fee schedules push companies to use non-credentialed individuals to determine and provide care. If you know of non-credentialed people determining and providing care, please let us know. All responses and contact information will be kept strictly confidential. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US.
2.     Send info about O&P practices that have closed Background: O&P practices face many challenges and are closing across the state.  Please send us any information on closed practices in your area.  Down-state, there used to be nine local practices; we now have only four (one is the state funded hospital).  This loss of O&P practices has created an access-to-care issue for the Medicaid population.
3.     Send which L-codes are poorly reimbursed (or not covered at all) under NY Medicaid impacting your O&P practice Background: We need to compile which L-codes that are poorly reimbursed or not covered at all as this limits access to care for New Yorkers 
4.     Share contacts you or your patients have with NY legislators Background: For New York State orthotic and prosthetic practices to be able to continue serving the people who need O&P services, we need your help. Sharing the information and contacts you have with the NYSAAOP can help make a difference.   5.     Reach out to your local State Representative Background: Decision-makers need to know how our important work improves the lives of New Yorkers. If you’re willing to make phone calls, write letters, or host a State representative visit in your facility, please let us know.   Thanks for reading; we at NYSAAOP hope you are staying safe and well in these challenging times. 
Ted Drygas, CPO, FAAOP NYSAAOP President